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We provide a full range of servicing to manufacturers specifications, from simple oil and filter changes to major service including valves and shims.

We are able to service and repair all makes and models of bikes to the highest standard.

Bespoke overhauls and full restoration projects are also carried out on premises.

Services includes:

Oil - Replace (4 stroke only)
Oil Filter Replace (4 stroke only)
Spark Plug Replace
Brake Pads Check/Replace
Brake Fluid Check/Replace
Air Filter Check/Clean
Steering Check/Adjust
Suspension Check
Gear Oil Check/Replace
Throttle Freeplay Check/Adjust
Carb Mixture Check/Adjust
Idle Speed Check/Adjust
Electrics Check
Battery Check
Coolant Check/Replace
Tyre Pressure Check/Adjust
Tyre Condition Check/Replace
Nuts and Bolts Check

Regular servicing enables you to get the most of your motorbike, improving reliability and getting the full potential out of your bike.

Pre MOT checks or a pre season safety checks are can be carried out if the motorbike has been stored full a lengthy time or rarely been used in operation.

At motopsycho we can provide a number of services such as pre mot checks, MOT, full services, accident insurance work, tyre changes, engine rebuilds, performance tuning and routine annual services.

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